The winery

Tradition meets innovation

La Clape is a world apart - an ancient limestone massif that was once an island - covered with pine and olive trees, vines, farms and villages. Wineries have been established here by innovative winemakers as well as those seeking a new vocation. Château Laquirou lies hidden in a vast hollow, protected by two valley flanks. It is more than a vineyard - it is a habitat in which wild boar, partridges and grass snakes feel at home and migratory birds such as the blue roller and the bee-eater breed. It is also a place where people work, celebrate and enjoy life.

gemütliches Beisammensein

The grape show-garden - history you can touch

Visitors to Château Laquirou can explore our grape show-garden following a wine tasting. Conscious of our affiliation with the wine culture of the Mediterranean region, we have planted rare, almost forgotten grape varieties from different countries and marked them with information boards. Discover unfamiliar grape varieties such as «Maticha» from Morocco, «Bokaskère» from Turkey, «Einuni» from Israel or the old Languedoc varieties «Terret» and «Aspiran» .

The herb show-garden - a foretaste of the terroir

Maybe you are already familiar with the expression «garrigue»? Wine connoisseurs often use this term when tasting wines from the south of France. It refers to a potpourri of scents typical of the southern French shrub landscape. In our show-garden, we have lavender, thyme and sage, but the fragrant designation «garrigue» also includes Moroccan mint, a special hyssop and chamomile, as well as wormwood. Enjoy a lingering and peaceful moment in our herb show-garden. Take a deep breath in and out. You’ll certainly detect the aromas of one or more of these medicinal herbs when tasting our wines.